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Solo proColl (Collagen) is a single component of the new Solo line.

The ingredients contained in the product stimulate and optimize the endogenous production of collagen. It is the organism itself that is stimulated to produce Collagen and this represents the most qualitative way for its development and maintenance. In fact, Collagen, as an essential and structural component of tissues and organs, represents a fundamental element for ensuring elasticity and resistance to the various internal structures of the organism.


1 pack = 2 months of treatment


For what: Bones and joints / Collagen

For who: Women / Men

How much: 1 tablet per day




Solo proColl 60 tablets

SKU: 8052011490204
€29.90 Regular Price
€25.42Sale Price
  • Daily dose (1 tablet):


    Coll-egan® 450mg


    - of which L-Glycine 119mg

    - of which L-hydroxyproline 72mg

    - of which ac. L-glutamic 71mg

    - of which L-alanine 53mg

    - of which L-arginine Hcl 50mg

    - of which acerola blend 50mg

    - of which e.g. of Bamboo 32mg

    - of which L-proline 4.5mg

    Vitamin C 80mg (100% VNR*)

    *VNR= Reference nutritional values

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