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RepHAIR is a dietary supplement designed to improve hair health through its synergistic formula. The precious nutrients it contains allow you to visibly improve the resistance, shine and vitality of the hair. RepHAIR is composed of hydrolyzed collagen, Reishi extract (Ganoderma lucidum, a variety of mushroom with adaptogenic activity, which supports the structure of the hair and improves its strength), and ashwagandha extract, titrated in withanolides, bioactive compounds that can contribute to the stress reduction; one of the negative factors par excellence capable of negatively influencing health. The combination of these ingredients works in harmony to promote the overall health of women's and men's hair, providing structural support, protection from stressors and support for improved vitality and shine.


1 pack = 1 month of treatment


For what: Hair wellbeing

For who: Women / Men

How much: 2 capsules per day


The product is intended for adults only.



RepHair 60 vegetable capsules

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€28.82Sale Price
  • Daily dose (2 capsules):

    L-cysteine ​​300mg

    Hydrolyzed collagen 150mg

    Ex Reishi 150mg

    - of which polysaccharides 15mg

    Ex Ashwagandha 100mg

    - of which withanolides 5mg

    Vitamin C 80mg (100% VNR*)

    Hyaluronic acid 20mg

    Zinc 10mg (100% VNR*)

    Copper 1mg (100% VNR*)

    Biotin 100mcg (200% VNR*)

    Selenium 55mcg (100% VNR*)

    *VNR= Reference nutritional values

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