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MULTI B is a vitamin supplement designed to provide optimal support of B vitamins which are critical for a number of metabolic processes in the human body and play a key role in maintaining mental and physical health.  MULTI B is formulated to offer support during times of stress, fatigue and when there is an increase in the daily requirement of these vitamins. MULTI B is ideal for those looking for a practical and effective way to integrate these vitamins into their daily routine, providing complete support to deal with daily commitments and periods of greater physical and mental stress.


1 pack = 2 months of treatment


For what: Energy metabolism / Deficiency of group B vitamins

For who: Women / Men

How much: 1 tablet per day




Multi b 60 tablets

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€23.50 Regular Price
€19.98Sale Price
  • Daily dose (1 tablet):  

    Inositol 100mg
    Niacin 32mg (200% VNR*)
    PABA 25mg
    Pantothenic acid 4.5mg (75% VNR*)
    Vitamin B2 1.4mg (100% VNR*)
    Vitamin B6 1.4mg (100% VNR*)
    Vitamin B1 1.1mg (100% VNR*)
    Biotin 50mcg (100% VNR*)
    Vitamin B12 5mcg (200% VNR*)


    *VNR= Reference nutritional values

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