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DIGESTI MX is a tablet supplement designed to improve digestion and promote correct intestinal transit. The enzymes found in DIGESTI MX help break down nutrients into smaller molecules, allowing the body to absorb them more easily during the digestive process. This can be especially helpful for those who have issues with slow digestion, bloating, or feeling heavy after meals. The plant extracts included in the formulation bring additional benefits by supporting intestinal regularity. DIGESTI MX allows you to enjoy a better quality of life and promote optimal gastrointestinal well-being.


1 pack = 1-2 months of treatment


For what: Digestion / Digestive enzymes

For who: Women / Men

How much: 1 or 2 tablets per day before main meals



Digesti mx 60 tablets

SKU: 8052011490082
€31.90 Regular Price
€27.12Sale Price
  • Daily dose (1 tablet):

    Digezyme® enzyme complex 160mg


    - of which Alpha amylase 24,000 ”1*DU/g” 28.8mg

    - of which Lactase 4000 ”2*ALU/g” 14.1mg

    - of which Cellulase 1100 ”3*CU/g” 3.0mg

    - of which Protease 6000 “4*PC/g” 1.97mg

    - of which Lipase 200 “5*FIP/g” 0.30mg

    L-glutamine 120mg

    Ex. Papaya 90mg

    Ex. Ginger 80mg

    - of which gingerols 4mg

    Ex. Artichoke 80mg

    - of which cynarin 2mg

    Alpha-lipoic acid 40mg

    “1*DU= Destination unit”

    “2*ALU = Acid Lactase Unit”

    “3*CU = Cellulase Unit”

    “4*PC = Bacterial Protease Unit”

    “5*FIP = International Fungal Lipase”

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