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RESTORE is a food supplement formulated to promote relaxation and improve night's rest. Griffonia, rich in 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), is known to promote the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter linked to mental well-being and relaxation. Valerian, with its calming properties, helps reduce stress and promotes natural sleep. The addition of melatonin is essential to regulate the sleep-wake rhythm. Therefore RESTORE was developed with the aim of offering natural support for those who wish to improve the quality of their sleep and feel regenerated upon awakening.


1 pack = 1 month of treatment


For what: Night rest

For who: Women / Men

How much: 2 capsules per day




Restore 60 vegetable capsules

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€26.78Sale Price
  • Daily dose (2 capsules):

    Ex. Griffonia 300mg

     - of which 5-htp 60mg

    GABA 200mg

    Ex. Valerian 150mg

     - of which valerenic acid 0.63mg

    Magnesium 114mg (30% VNR*)

    Zinc 10mg (100% VNR*)

    Melatonin 1mg

    Vitamin B6 0.7mg (50% VNR*)

    *VNR= Reference nutritional values

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