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ANEMI C is a supplement designed to promote health and well-being through a combination of iron and essential vitamins. Designed to support the formation of red blood cells and stimulate energy metabolism, this product is a precious ally for maintaining optimal balance in the body. Its unique, natural ingredient-based formulation offers superior support in iron absorption, making it particularly effective for those who may have deficiencies in this crucial mineral. The presence of complementary vitamins not only helps maximize iron absorption, but also helps promote a healthy immune system and maintain high energy levels.


1 pack = 1 month of treatment


For what: Tiredness and fatigue / Energy metabolism

For who: Women / Men

How much: 2 capsules a day preferably after main meals




Anemi c 60 vegetable capsules

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€22.87Sale Price
  • Daily dose (2 capsules):

    Vitamin C 240mg (300% VNR*)

    Iron 28mg (200% NRV*)

    Folic acid 100mcg (50% NRV*)

    Vitamin B12 2.25mcg (90% NRV*)

    *VNR= Reference nutritional values

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