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SKIN is formulated with carefully selected ingredients to promote the endogenous production of collagen, thus helping to counteract the natural decline that occurs with age. Its targeted action supports the skin, promoting elasticity, firmness and luminosity, fundamental aspects for healthy and young skin. Its targeted and safe formulation was developed with the aim of providing effective support for collagen production, offering a natural way to maintain the vitality and health of the skin and body over time.


1 pack = 1 month of treatment


For what: Skin wellbeing / Anti aging

For who: Women / Men

How much: 2 capsules per day



Skin 60 vegetable capsules

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€33.50 Regular Price
€28.48Sale Price
  • Daily dose (2 capsules):  

    Hydrolyzed collagen 800mg
    Vitamin C 100mg (125% VNR*)
    Procyanidins 95mg
    Hyaluronic acid 60mg
    Biotin 50mcg (100% VNR*)
    Vitamin D 7.5mcg/300iu (100% VNR*)


    *VNR= Reference nutritional values


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