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ANTI AGE is a supplement used both to prevent the signs of aging and to improve the health of your body. It was formulated to counteract the harmful action of free radicals, the main causes of premature aging of cells and body tissues.  It supports the body's well-being thanks to plant extracts carefully selected for their beneficial properties which offer a powerful tonic and antioxidant action. This product is designed to support the proper functioning of the body, helping to maintain the vitality and health of cells.


1 pack = 1 month of treatment


For what: Anti aging / Antioxidant / Free radicals

For who: Women / Men

How much: 2 capsules per day




Anti age 60 vegetable capsules

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  • Daily dose (2 capsules):  

    Ex Rhodiola rosea 300mg
     - of which salidroside 3mg
    Ex Green Coffee 200mg
     - of which chlorogenic acid 90mg
     - of which caffeine 4mg

    Procyanidins 95mg
    Ex Centella Asiatica 100mg
     - of which triterpenes 20mg
    Vitamin C 40mg (50% VNR*)
    Vitamin E 12mg (100% VNR*)
    Ex Lichen 3mg
     - of which Vitamin D 7.5mcg/300iu (150% VNR*)
    Vitamin A 800mcg (100% VNR*)
    Folic acid 400mcg (200% VNR*)
    Biotin 50mcg (100% VNR*)


    *VNR= Reference nutritional values

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