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Our food supplements are regularly tested in the laboratory to ensure maximum quality and safety. Each package has been designed to offer maximum resistance to external agents and create a superior barrier effect.

We are particularly attentive to the management of allergens for each product placed on the market, strictly adhering to the standards imposed by the Italian Ministry of Health.

We constantly collaborate with the best analysis laboratories located in Italy.

The most important analytical parameters for us are:

  • presence/absence allergens

  • total microbial load

  • absence of pathogenic microorganisms

  • title of the assets during the entire shelf life.


Every batch of every product is tested in the laboratory!

production of safe supplements

Clinica Quality

Powdered dietary supplements


The Clinica® staff continuously searches for the best synergies and the best raw materials. It is essential for us to develop functional products based on the best scientific studies available today.

We look for pure, natural and innovative forms. Each raw material must go through a rigorous approval process before it can be considered.


Our natural food supplements are available in various dosage forms such as capsules, tablets and chewable tablets. Our technicians have evaluated the best form for each individual ingredient, seeking maximum bioavailability of all the selected active ingredients.


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